About the Website:

Csignificanceonnect.Create.Explore isn’t just a website it’s a state of being! While it began as an outlet for me I want it to be anything to you. Three simple words call on you to open up to the possibilities that you can have it all and enjoy the process.

  • Creation is about expression of our truest selves.
  • Connection is about unity with our spirit, with others and the world around us.
  • Exploration is about discovering what makes us happy and what helps us grow.

Of all the things in the world to base life on I chose these three words because it reminds us of all that we are, and all that we can do. They can work in any order for example  Connection is key to understanding purpose, which gives us the ability to create from our soul and explore the possibilities or Exploration lets us curiously see the world, sparking our inner creativity to build the things that enable people to relate.

About the lady behind the page:

Melissa Jody James is like anyone else she was born on Earth, provided for by caring adults, given the ability to feel and enabled to exist. What made her different was merely her life path and her name.  Actually,20170412_141921[1] I grew up with my parents and siblings in Scarborough the suburbs of Toronto, we were immigrants, however being a baby I had no idea what transition even meant. We worked hard to assume our places in the Western World and then one day I decided this can’t be it. There were 3 major shifts in my life that brought me into my knowing.

20170423_181220The first was simply being in University where I learned to explore through the elective classes and how to teach myself although it leaves me wondering why I paid them all of that money… Oh well it is what it is.

The second was when my dad gave me the book “A Course in Miracles” as I read I can remember the exact day I released myself from fear and came into the arms of God. I’m forever thankful because that taught me the fundamentals of connection.

And lastly a major break up with the person I thought I’d marry which taught me how to create on my terms. Up till than I spoke in confidence how much I knew myself, but I didn’t know how to love myself.

The shifts are my basis for helping others, because through it all I still smiled and now I laugh, I enjoy looking back and I enjoy looking forward.  I found my essence for thriving by simply connecting, creating, exploring and laughing throughout the process (YES I cry too).  I don’t particularly like titles but I am a Wellness Coach and I consider myself a Writer, Messenger and Moana’s Grandmother in human form.  I want this website to be your everything space as it is mine, know that I am here with you and we’ll find the answers together.