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cce logo nobkgrwrds.smlSpaces of connection, creation and exploration exist in more places than we see and in more places than we feel. These spaces we attempt to make across the world can be smaller than our homes, with the possibility of being larger than everything we’ve envisioned.

Look at the world from the lens that you naturally identify with, take off the glasses, take off the filter. Step into and outside of yourself when you explore. Take off the gloves, drop the pen and draw pictures with your imagination, make moments with your speech and pathways with your heart, create exactly what you want. Turn down the noise, sit in the dark with a friend, hold hands with the wind and take a selfie with the stranger, be courageous and connect.

Inspired by my truth and the truths I see in the people closest to me, I discovered life’s bottom line. This is Connect.Create.Explore a magical website where we (you and me) can just figure out things.

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I am truly grateful for Melissa. Not only is she my coach she is now someone I consider to be a very dear friend. Her authenticity is inspiring and she holds space for me in a way that I can uncover my own truths and feel supported every step of the way.  We learn and grow from each other to create magic in our lives and feel truly blessed to have Melissa by my side on my journey of self discovery.


I started a journey with Melissa as she was preparing to become a certified life coach. I was one of the blessed ones to become her guinea pig. Over the last few weeks have been the most stressful times in my life with starting a new job, minor setbacks in my fitness goals/health. Melissa doesn’t tell me what I need to do she helps me create weekly goals that are definitely shaping me into a mature healthy woman in all aspects of my life!