The Quiet Afro: What we can all learn from sharing our stories

The Quiet Afro: breaking the stereotype of changemakers People gave me dirty looks, others said I was beautiful, some questioned whether I would shake the ship because I’m obviously pro … Continue readingThe Quiet Afro: What we can all learn from sharing our stories

Recap: Sharing Circle

“Sharing circles are an essential part of the oral tradition of Aboriginal communities. The Traditional Native Feather Wand or Talking Stick is used in these circles when meetings take place … Continue readingRecap: Sharing Circle

The paralyzing power of indecision

We find ourselves on the cusp of so many things that we know the answer to. We feel powerful knowing the answer but for some reason doubt creeps in and … Continue readingThe paralyzing power of indecision

How I choose to expose my Self.

If your imagination stretches further than what’s covered in the media, where do you put the ideas that are generated? A blog of course. From a young age I had big issues with writing, most words didn’t connect the feelings I felt or the thoughts I’d think….
I promise I’ll try to keep it short or at least sweet. … Continue readingHow I choose to expose my Self.