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Wellness Coaching – What is important for you to achieve now? The biggest focus of life coaching is to support you in finding your inner power to achieve anything you envision. Who are you? Is the hardest question to answer but we will find the answer and we will move you towards achieving your goals without compromising who you are.

My life coaching program is grounded in your ability to connect spiritually, create mindfully and explore physically. We are also going to become friends in the sense that I learn as much from you as you learn from me and we’ll grow together!

The basis of all our calls will be to:
1. Spirit Step: Connect to your essence and to yourself. We will strip away the filters and layers, remove the conditions and find out who you are.
2. Mind Step: Create a vision of the world you will be able to find joy in and create ways to get there. This step engages the universe in your dream and helps to manifest exactly what you want.
3. Body Step: Explore the process and the world. This is where you get to experiment with your emerging self and discover everything you need to know about what makes you happy.

I work best with individuals who are ready to be an empty cup. Clients with this willingness are able to pull on the stuff that makes up the cup(identity and values) and engage with life in exploratory, creative and connected ways to fill their cup up with the things that will put them on track to their life purpose.

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If you’d like to book me to speak to your group, or organization on topics relating to holistic wellness, self love and empowerment, simple spirituality, life changes, and dealing with Depression, contact me directly at 1-416-500-5012 or email