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Attracting the Right Relationships: Four Part Audio Series 

Whether you want to be married or not, whether you want to date or simply make friends, attracting the right relationships is about getting to know yourself beyond the role you play each day. This is about going within to transform the people around you!
Remember the only way to be someone’s sunshine is to find your inner light!

This program is for you if you:
Believe there are no more good singles out there.
Believe the perfect partner doesn’t exist.
Believe that you won’t be able to have a family by the time you meet the right person.
Believe you have what it takes to meet the right person but they won’t show up.

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Audio Visioning Tool

I created this Audio Visualization because it was helpful in supporting clients to figure out what is most meaningful to them. This way they have stronger starting place to start creating the life they imagine. I use it to when I feel like I don’t remember what I’m working towards and fallen off track with my goals. Personally I use it in addition to meditating and prayer, but it can also be used on its own.

Pause after the questions are asked to give yourself a moment to answer.

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