Rewrite the Story


It’s been quite a while since I last posted, so I think its important for me to share that I’ve been working on growing my company Eastend Vegan and empowering others in between. In the process I’ve learned more life lessons than I ever imagined and discovered another side of the world where I can make any dreams come true. What I’d usually call a miracle, was actually just taking steps to rewrite my story.

When I started making Vegan cheese I had many assumptions about what the business world might be like. I assumed it would be filled with rich assholes who are ready to say NO to anything I had to offer. Because of this, I told myself I didn’t want to go into Grocery stores, or speak to restaurant owners or even reach out to investors. I was still battling the fear of rejection; to a degree, but then eventually I went and made contact with some high end stores on the advice of some well meaning customers and I was rejected. I applied to many farmers markets across the city and I was told that I didn’t fit because my product was not organic. I faced many No’s by the gatekeepers, many questions by gatekeeper wannabes but ultimately I faced complete love by the people around me. This wasn’t family or friends although they were supportive too, I was receiving love from complete strangers, people literally walking by my booth at a market or a pop-up shop, interested in learning more and trying out this super delicious Almond cheese ( though they didn’t know it was delicious yet). I saw the support grow and tides change, my initial concern was “higher ups” and the “big shots”, but really I needed to focus my efforts on giving the “average joes” the “ ordinary people” just like me what they wanted before they knew they did. This route lead me to more markets and more pop-up shops than I imagined, it also lead me to my first in store Demo which helped me understand the way of scaling and going in store. I progressed quickly and saw my fears dismantle and my business confidence grow and in the middle of it all I just broke down and cried realizing, I’m rewriting the story.

This instance I realized my speech to others had come true was the moment I also realized I’m living out what I speak, which means I am in complete control of what comes next.

When I started to drive Uber I knew I had to say a prayer for what I’d like to see come out of the day. That turned into setting an intention every time I drove, I asked to meet great people, I said what gift I would offer the world today and then I asked for guidance and protection from God and the Spirit Squad. When I set my intention I was sure to be in good space, to smile and to sleep early the night before. Most days went well actually most days went super well! On the other hand the few days I was groggy, tired or in the wrong headspace a quiet car ride would ensue until I made the decision to turn it around and get back in the zone. I also met a friend of the owner of someone who helped me understand the Vegan cheese business so when I say setting my intention helped it definitely did! I met amazing people regularly, people who reflected what I needed to know or hear and people who reminded me that being myself will always be good enough. The days I made little were days I believed the odds were against me and the days I pushed through and kept an open mind were the days money flowed.

As I share this I can think of many instances in my life where this same narrative played out, where I saw the story I wanted to happen come true. I also saw the story of my intention play out positively and negatively, looking back to some other moments I can also see where I ignored my ability to change the direction of my life. Nothing makes me anymore special than you, I’ve lived now for 31 years still discovering the power I have in changing the story people told me to have to a story I’d be happy to tell my grand-kids.

These experiences go deeper than just driving Uber or starting a business, they go into life. When you find your center and you find the spirit’s ability to put light to anything, nothing dark can approach you in the same way because you’ll spot it. That means, the shitty people we hope we never have to deal with will be seen long before they step foot in our direction and we will dodge them like Neo in the Matrix or completely strong arm their efforts to sabotage our creation of a better way. In that same instance of awakening our souls, we rewrite the story of who holds power. And then we come to know real freedom on earth, some may even say Heaven on Earth.

Building a seemingly strange business could incite so much fear. Looking for big shots to help build my business could also incite fear, but ultimately the real big shots are the ordinary people. We are the special ones, the magic of this planet the people whose agenda is the reality, we are the ones who make this world move and our intention as much as our attention should remain focused on that. We have the power, the freedom and the choice to rewrite the story right now. This exact moment is the only one needed to see change begin or continue in the direction best for all of us, but we cannot come to that moment of actualization without first taking the steps to believe in a different version of the story we’ve been told.

At the end of the day, when you finish reading this blog you have to make that choice as well:

Am I willing to  rewrite my story?

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