The Search for Harmony


So today I decided to write a poem, since everything else I tried to write didn’t come together (the joys of being a writer…)
After I wrote it, I realized I still had something else to write so after reading, scroll down to the message beyond the poem.

The search for Harmony.

Theres a song that we all know,
A song that is known across the world,
Its not too loud,
And the melody is satisfying to all that hear it.
The notes aren’t complicated either.
In fact, its actually the most beautiful song we’ll ever hear.
Though we all know this song
When we try to sing it, we can’t seem to harmonize.
So we try to adjust the tune so more of us can sing along too.
Most of us have forgotten where the tune was created
We ignore its origin,
We find our selves ignored as well,
And then when we get the opportunity to sing together,
The sounds never gel.
Focused on being something else,
Other than our self,
The song we all know can never be felt,
It can never be heard.
Until we find our selves…
Finally unignored,
Finally not someone else.
To find the tune was created
Right within our self,
Each so different, but melodically connected
The most beautiful song we’ve ever heard
Sung in harmony by all
The song of self acceptance

I couldn’t decide what the title would be because this piece is about self acceptance. But I realize in self acceptance there has to be a commitment to stop pretending even if its the easiest thing for us to do. For most of us we get used to being what people expect and what people want, but there is no harmony within or among us in doing so. We can find so much commonalities without taking away “culture” or uniqueness by our acceptance of ourselves, but the longer we hide from who we are, the further away we get from being able to see harmony in society. People who don’t feel there can ever be peace or harmony are part of the problem and that can’t be sugar coated. I’ve heard really amazing people say the world will never be at peace and in those statements they take away from their own potential to be amazing. We need to see the world with clear vision, not the vision of the oppressor or the oppressed, just the clear vision of love. We don’t demand more categories for us, we demand from ourselves to be accepted as whoever we are, and then we state that. I believe this was the root of the Quiet Afro, my acceptance that within, is where I have to make the change, because energetically the impact will be felt further than where my voice can be heard.

Download: Stop Pretending

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