Five Simple things about Spirituality


Spirituality is our connection to our self and the world in general. Some of us call it energy, others call it love, regardless, it is the thing that brings us together to create harmony. Nature understands harmony, but as people, harmony is something we still believe is impossible, which is also part of the reason we see chaos within us and around us unchanged.  More now than ever, people are seeing big shifts in their lives without the ability to comprehend it in their mind, so it continues to scare them, but I promise you this shift is the necessary push for us to create harmony and balance. These shifts absolutely WILL make sense when you make space to empower your spirit as an important and necessary part of you. I hope you will begin to understand that there is less to fear when you accept spirituality as a part of your core elements because there could be no mind and body without spirit.

1. You are a spiritual being regardless of religion or belief system
We’ve all had the experience of not feeling like ourselves or feeling like we’re outside of ourselves. This feeling usually comes from being in situations  where we are uncomfortable or around people who take us out of our “element”. Either way we don’t feel all there. Another similar experience is when we can’t find the peace or happiness within our day to day experiences. Life is happening but we are not actually active participants. Some of you may think “how is this possible?” But just think about past work or life experiences where you hated your job or what you were doing and you had to become a zombie or numb while there, often forgetting the things that happened from that day or even that week. This is the first recognition of you being a spiritual being, the realization that the mind and body continues to function, but still something is missing or not relating to the moment.. that thing that is missing is your spirit; more so the involvement of your spirit. Think of it like schools, there’s a spirit to every school, something you don’t necessarily see, but you can feel, most of us simply say its school spirit and when it doesn’t exist we don’t feel any real connection to that school.

2. Mind, Body, Spirit? NO! Spirit, Mind, Body
We have become trapped in our mind, the place where we use our reason to create any reality we want, we use our bodies to make that reality true and then we completely forget the equally important aspect of the spirit. Spirit captures and understands the wholeness, inclusivity and oneness of the universe without question, while the mind can be swayed to believe whatever becomes most prominent in its psyche. Spirit understands the completeness of us and everything through an all encompassing sense, the mind on the other hand works to understand this by compartmentalizing and segregating the information to make it useful in the environment it finds itself, the body accepts the directive of the mind as long as it is in line with the spirit. Unfortunately the body won’t function properly when the mind and spirit are in misalignment because of course, the body is the holding space for both. We are seeing huge surges of mental health issues, but prior to that we were seeing huge surges of physical ailments and incurable diseases (still to this day) what we are looking at is the negligence of spirit and its manifestation. Till we nurture our spirit the way we nurture our minds and bodies, we’ll continue to find the degeneration of our bodies and minds. So keep the three in balance and never forget its a trinity Spirit, Mind and Body.

3. Intuition reminds us we are spiritual beings
Most of us get a feeling in our heart or our gut that something is wrong or right prior to any situation arising. Intuition doesn’t arise from the mind or the body it comes from the space where you are connected to the universe: the spirit. The way our body flinches in response to perceived danger, the way our mind uses knowledge to understand, our spirit uses intuition to predict  and prepare. My best example is when you have a close connection to someone, you can often sense when something is wrong, or off, and chances are when you bring it up, you are most likely right.  This anticipation comes from your spirits ability to act on the connection it has to another person, and when we have general intuition, we are able to act on the connections we have to the world. While most of us are not willing to explore this side it doesn’t stop our intuition from working so the moment something comes up we find ourselves saying I knew it! Our intuitive ability is an aspect of ourselves that reflect the spirit we all have inside, if you remember what I said initially, then spirit in simple terms is connection and intuition in that case is just knowledge provided by our connections.

4. Spirit is not something to be feared
We’re all being taught to fear spirits through scary movies, folklore and superstition which means we are ultimately being taught to fear ourselves too so we’ll never truly be able to use our innate power. We seem to think of the paranormal as the only manifestation of spirit so we become scared of that which we cannot see, even when it is here to support us. Our fear of others, aliens, ghosts, and anything in the unseen realm leads to our entrapment to our senses which also leads to us losing our sense of self.  We’ve lost a good sense of our selves through our unbalanced obsession with science and physics, where we try to break down anything that cannot be explained so that our mind can comprehend what has already been answered spiritually. Most of science stands clear from looking into what elements of being a human make us move forward when all is lost because it would suggest that more exists beyond the world we see. When we learn to fear spirit we diminish our own ability to be great and pursue the things that really matter, we forget the connection we share and compassion we have for others and the world. Imagine waking up and looking in the mirror to get spooked out by your self. You would never look in the mirror again and you’d never build up love for yourself. When we fear our spirit we miss this opportunity for love and so we can’t operate from love or with love.

5. Spirituality and Religion are not the same, but they can work together.
Religion is a belief system, spirituality is your connection to  your self and everything. By definition they appear to be different, but the goal initially was the same. In the early stages religion was created to help us understand our connection to the world through specific practices and lessons but over time people changed (naturally) and they felt less connected to many times outdated, and sometimes unrealistic or archaic practices. Eventually we saw our self removed from practice altogether and spirituality appeared unreachable, while having an honest connection with God seemed unattainable. There’s a growing number of people who can’t bring themselves to believe in God, Allah, Yaweh, a higher power (whatever name they choose) anymore because the belief systems they followed ignored this basic sense of self which lead to a disconnect with the higher power they believed in; we disconnected from the sense of oneness with the world.  Some of us even continue practicing without any sense of connection.  If you choose to follow a religion remember nurturing your spirit is a part of it as much as your commitment to God (referring to higher power), and to others  so try not to separate the two since you are part of the God and the completeness embodied in God. Finally, understand that the highest honour you can pay to the higher power you believe in, is in honouring your self, spirit, mind and body.

The ultimate goal of all people is to spread love and peace, we can do this when we see ourselves holistically which means physically, mentally, and spiritually.

5 points about spirituality


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  1. Well done. You articulate your words and thoughts so clearly.

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