How the Purposeful Path Creates Discomfort


We all spend time talking about what we want. I want to be rich, I want to own a house, I want to buy a car but often we don’t do anything significant to get there. I’m also in this same situation, where I want to have a successful business, speak to thousands and have a million Youtube followers, but its not going to happen if I live the same way I have been for the past 20 years. I’m just extremely comfortable getting by with the minimum and I’ve learned that I can still have fun, travel somewhat and own a property with the minimum. I’m surviving but I’m not thriving, I have a purpose but I’m uneasy pursuing it.

We all strive to create security and a good life, but that isn’t enough for me and I’m realizing the tension it creates in me to simply get by, to simply exist. When I get really complacent I settle even more and speak in shoulds. Its that “I know what I could do to make the dream come true but I haven’t” self talk and to accept that I haven’t done something, I reflect with a should, which creates more pressure and more anxiety because I feel like I’m failing myself.

My dad and i spoke about this in length and the bottom line of our conversation was that I need to create enough discomfort so that I feel an urgency to change my habits. No more pretending I’ve done enough by scratching off only a quarter of my to do list, I have to push to scratch off at least 75% of it. I will need to change the habits that enable me to sleep a little later even when I fall asleep late. I will need to work on the project instead of going out for drinks because the project will bring me closer to the dream. Until the time I show God and the Universe what I truly want and work for it, there is little for me to receive beyond what I currently have. Being uncomfortable engages our spirit, mind and body to take action until we get to a better more meaningful place.

I’ve always had a fear of walking on a frozen body of water, but I did it.

And you may be asking why I want more, if I’m happy? The truth is I’m content, I’m happy with what I have and where I am but  purpose has called me to go further than where I am currently and its a purpose I have truly accepted. It is my soul mission to speak to thousands, even millions of people, because I believe I absolutely can change the world. Each of us have a purpose that is as important as anyone else’s purpose. This purpose is what pushes us to open the door, when someone closes it, its what gives a mom the drive to open a salon even with four children, its what brings a father to pursue agriculture after being in engineering his whole life and its what gives a child meaning to go into music when everyone tells them otherwise. Purpose reminds us that we can be happy and want more and to seek more is perfectly fine. Purpose aligns us with the path we were meant to be on even though a chunk of our life was spent going somewhere else.

Discomfort itself comes with a purpose, and here is how you can understand it so that you see its purpose. Discomfort is strongest at the beginning of taking the big step towards your purpose. The most difficult part is where you are must go through the jungle, the place between where you were and where you were meant to be and that is the place of discomfort that we have to begin to accept and learn to flow with. When we decide to walk into the jungle, we are saying I’m going to create the discomfort for myself, vs someone pushing you in the jungle what might happen if you’re fired or kicked out for example.  We are making the decision  to travel to the path of purpose, its just a bit of a rocky road because there isn’t much of a pathway between the two places. Being in the jungle isn’t forever either, remember it’s just the undeveloped space of releasing the illusions of your old self as you become the most truthful you. Your purposeful path was already laid out, but as we get older we don’t always stay on it, even though we have the nagging feeling that there is more for us.

So here I am in the jungle (on ice according to the picture lol), the place of discomfort and unknowing but trekking on to my purposeful path. I’m here by choice and now I’ll have to make other choices to decide how long I want to be here. We all have to make choices, this is part of what it means to be human, but we also have purpose, so we can decide for ourselves to create discomfort and move towards purpose knowing what comes with it, or we can decide to live with the nagging feeling until we are forced into discomfort. The choice is ours.

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