Where does the mind go when you have nothing in it?


This piece is probably the best example of how a Gemini thinks and the ups and downs of wanting to be a humanitarian, a business woman, a poet and anything else that exists. This is also written for the creatives, sometimes you draw a blank and you don’t feel like anything is there but its coming.

I don’t feel like writing much today, I’ve been sitting at this computer for hours without a clear thought as to what I should share with you. But even when you have nothing to write you still have a why, why don’t I feel like writing? I don’t have anything grand or creative to give you, I don’t have any magical words of inspiration to add to your day so I guess that’s my why. But as I say this I think to myself If I believe this then one day I really won’t have anything to write! God NO! I’m going to put a stop to this downward spiral (Lesson: we have the ability to stop the downward spiral and this is the moment where I’m making the choice to change). Close call with disaster, now I feel like I’m now getting somewhere because there’s a funny feeling in my heart that suggests its time to create from the void. The place where nothing seems to exist and it appears absolutely impossible to see where you might be going; it’s time to create something from nothing and if you don’t well… you don’t. (Fact: where nothing exists, something exists or can be created) There is nothing wrong with not having something to share all the time, even if you took a break yesterday you can take another one today. Along the way of living someone told us it was not okay to take breaks because it means you’re lazy, but really overdoing is just fear in disguise.
So what do we have here.

An empty page or a blank canvas
Empty employing the idea that there is nothing that matters
But replace the word page with canvas and you see there is so much coming
All of it matters
You can’t see whats brewing on an empty page,
because the mind is where the magic stays
And when its time to paint the picture
More eyes will watch the canvas
They know something is coming,
the anticipation makes it more thrilling!
Better than the release of the Iphone 12
Even if we’re on the 10th,
the excitement swells
We expect people to create for us, make the next best thing
But what if I give you the canvas could you give it wings
Can you write the chime for the next big hit
Speak the words that might make you it.
We expect so much creation from people just like us,
we forget that if they have nothing
that that’s okay too
Most of us need a break from reflecting the truth
Sharing perspectives from under the roof
Where our brain overworks just to give you proof
That I’m not a waste of time,
taking your time,
to see how I’m
Completely worthy of filling a space inside of your mind

So this is where my thoughts have gone. I said I have nothing to write yet here I am putting together words that share a message. If there is something for me to share today I guess it’s about taking a break for as long as you’d like. People care when they depend on you to be consistent for them, that’s what business is all about, but good people respect you when you communicate your needs as well. If you loosen up the focus on being relevant, creation will come easy because it stems from your element. I guess that’s how I was able to write this piece lol.

The final lesson for today take time with yourself and your creations, have fun with them and flow. Never underestimate the creativity within you because that’s God giving you the go.

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